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Events and fairs nearby Frontemaja

Frontemaja is located in Fara Filiorum Petri, in the heart of the province of Chieti, a land rich in historical, peasant and especially culinary traditions. The good food, the desire to celebrate and the importance of their roots and traditions distinguish the communities of the small villages of Chieti and invite the curious visitor to experience and participate.

Here are some of the most beautiful events of the year.


Fair “Le Farchie”

The feast of St. Anthony Abbot with the Farchie in Fara Filiorum Petri takes place every year on 16th January  and involves all the inhabitants of the districts of Fara Filiorum Petri, who participate passionately along the various stages of the festival. It is an ancient tradition that, as the legend goes, originated from a miracle of St. Anthony Abbot, who appeared to the French in 1799 in the guise of a general preventing them from invading the village of Fara. The “Farchie” are cylindrical bundles of reeds tied with branches of red willow that are carried in procession on the afternoon of 16th January from the districts to the sea in front of the church of St. Anthony Abbot, to be raised and set on fire with a nice choreographic representation. In short, it is a celebration, where the precursors of carnival ritualsare evident while leaving the Christmas ones; the transitional character is evident in the mixture of  late Christmas customs, such as that of foods (crespelle, cauciune, serpentone) while the panache and group cheerfulness seems to prelude to Carnival. The calendar character of the festival, in any case, coincides with the winter period and so the purifying fire that wards off evil, prepares the ascent of the solar star necessary for new and abundant harvests.
Le Farchie - Fara Filorium Petri

Fara Cipollara

The usual food and wine fair on local products. The event that animates the historic centre annually, on the first weekend of August, represents a real opportunity to make known the gastronomic product that has made the village of Fara famous in the whole region and over: the white onion, well-known Slow Food Presidium. Food stands, cultural initiatives and tastings of onion dishes.

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