Frontemaja is agriCulture and hospitality.

It is the place of simplicity, like the nature that surrounds it.

Frontemaja offers spaces for sharing knowledge, where land and sky, forests and fields, mountains and sea are excellent masters and teach us more than we can imagine. Experience and be welcomed within the walls of the Frontemaja house, enjoy a walk in the herb garden and enjoy the freshest products of the vegetable garden at the breakfast table.


Going up to the first floor you can access the four rooms of Frontemaja, all furnished with care and in the smallest detail to give a pleasant stay to our guests. From the large windows in the corridor of the first floor, the gaze falls on the herb garden on one side, and on the Massif of the Maiella in the background on the other. From there you will enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape that nature and man have helped to create in harmony.


The young farm Frontemaja is born from the passion for healthy food and the belief that the health and well-being of man are the result of what it feeds on. We plant the seed of our ideas, we entrust it to the earth and in harmony with the times of nature we take care of it.