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Between nature, culture and well-being

Frontemaja arises from us: Alessandro and Barbara, a couple of "migrants to the south" from the deep and busy north, a historian and a doctor, with the desire to create a project to reconnect the work of the earth to the well-being of man.

We wanted to shape FronteMaja as something that is much more than a bed&breakfast: a cultural project in a on-going progress of sharing knowledge, a place to give added value to the land that hosts us, Abruzzo.
Thus, as this land has welcomed and hosted us, with the same simple and generous spirit, we would like to return this hospitality received by opening our home to the curious and attentive traveller.

At Frontemaja you will find welcome, respect for the guest and the nature that surrounds us, union between past and future, mixing between our homeland Bergamo and this new one Abruzzo.


The rooms are simple but carefully furnished in accordance with the original materials of the house. The essentials are stone and bricks of terracotta, wood and iron. Recovering the original materials of the house means for us to create continuity between nature and the environment around us and the interior space of the house. It means reviving Frontemaja as it was conceived, in its essentiality, giving it a touch of sophistication. We wanted to create a relaxing and welcoming environment, a quiet place dedicated to rest, punctuated by the sounds of nature alone.

Common areas

At the disposal of its guests Frontemaja offers common areas, where relax and live their stay to the fullest. Frontemaja is surrounded by the green and the guests can stroll through our "Oltre il giardinoā€¯ (literally, Beyond the Garden), sit in the shade of hundred-year-old olive trees or simply enjoy a reading in the area in front of the house. On the ground floor there is a room, where every morning a hearty breakfast is set up: starting the day well is essential for us!